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Posted on: March 26th 2021

A message from Caroline Lancey

It is hard to believe we have only been back for three weeks, the children have risen to the challenge of being back in school.  However, there is no doubt that many of them have found the days long and we have seen a noticeable decline in their stamina.  We have tried to keep school life as normal as possible and they have very quickly got back into the routine.  We loved the effort people went to for World Book Day and it was great to see how many people created their own costumes.

We have some changes in staff.  Helen Woodhams is leaving us to work for the National Trust.  Rebeka Thompson who is currently on our staff and has done some work with them already will be taking them after Easter.  Miss Thompson currently spends Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings in Otter Class.  Mrs Powell-Thomas will be joined by Mrs Dee Alexander who is an experienced teacher and compliments Mrs PT very well.  

Kayleigh Parsons is moving onto another nursery setting.  We wish them both well.

We have also been joined by Jason Pike who is helping support children’s catch up in Maths and Chloe Bryant is doing the same but for English.  These have been a valuable addition to our team and are there purely to support the learning of the children.

We are in the process of putting together our Easter Service which you will be able to access via Zoom.  We are planning to start clubs after Easter but these will have to be class based as government guidelines still say that children should stay in their bubbles.  This may mean that Sports Day will look different this year and it is likely that it will be only for the children. Whilst I appreciate that this is a little disappointing I am sure that you appreciate cancelling it completely would be a real blow for the children as it’s one of the memory-making school days.

One of the new things we have been trying is to get volunteers to talk to the children about their jobs and how they became involved in it.  We have been really lucky that each class has had a zoom meeting with a volunteer that works with ICT as this half term’s focus is ‘What it is to work with Information Technology’.  The volunteers have talked about how they use computers and technology in their jobs and how they came to do it.  The children have really enjoyed having other adults coming to talk to them and the teachers have been impressed with the quality of the questions they have asked.

We have also started a partnership with the probation service.  After the willow tree fell down we were left with lots of large chunks of wood.  We have used them to create seating in our willow dome, started a trim trail and demarcated areas within forest school.  They are also going to re-paint the outside of our forest school area which is currently covered in graffiti.

We continue to live in the Arctic as the old heating system has been taken out and the new boiler has yet to be installed.  However, due to the current guidelines about having windows open to purge the air the children haven’t really noticed!!

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A Message from Carly Ellis Posted on: 17/12/2021

A Message from Carly Ellis

Christmas is here! I am so looking forward to the holiday and spending time with my family.  I am sure you’ll all be busy with the lead up but hopefully you’ll all get some rest afterwards! School is the place to be at Christmas.  The children have enjoyed lots of treats this week.  They have made some cakes, sung around the Christmas tree, been creative in making cards and calendars, performed in the nativity, enjoyed a festive dinner with crackers and had a Christmas party.  The biggest treat of all was the pantomime and a visit from Santa who gave each child a gift.  They will have so much to tell you this week! I’m looking forward to the new year and continuing on the journey we are on.  We have made so much progress and we will continue to do so next year.  I hope you have all managed to watch the virtual tour.  The children were fantastic and said exactly what they thought about their school when asked.  It’s great to know that the children feel this way about Priorswood.  It must be lovely for you all to watch what is happening in school as you have had to keep a distance for so long now.  Well, I’m going to keep it short and sign off now.  I hope you all have a great rest and look after yourselves!  I’m not sure what January will bring but plans are in place should we need to do any remote learning.  Fingers crossed we won’t and I’ll see you all on 5th January.  Have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Carly Ellis Posted on: 25/11/2021

A message from Carly Ellis

Can you believe that we are now at the end of November?  I took my children to see the Christmas lights being turned on in town at the weekend, which seemed really early!  School life seems to be maintaining its fast pace which will be notched up again with the preparation of the Nativity.  Due to the constraints of COVID we will not be able to share this with you in person.  We would hate for the Christmas period to be dampened with positive cases which may have been a result of sharing our Nativity in person.  We hope you understand. I hope you all had the opportunity to see all the Poppies that were created in Forest School and tied up on our front gates as a remembrance to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts.  They looked amazing. We raised £162.81 for Children in Need - thank you all so much!  The children always enjoy a good dress-up day and looked great in their outfits.   The children had a railway safety awareness assembly to demonstrate the dangers and to deliver key messages.  This has come as a rise in incidents on railways recently.  Stag and Badger class had a visit from SWT Engagement Lead Angela Bolitho and Elaine Jones from ENGIE (the main contractor) to talk about the dangers of trespassing on a building site. This is currently really important with the regeneration project that is underway in North Taunton with both demolition and rebuilding that is going on.  Angela has said that they were very impressed with how well behaved the children were, how well they listened, participated and took on board the important messages they were sharing about the dangers on building sites. There is currently a lot of roadworks around Taunton too.  We have just been informed that on 4th January (for a month) there will be a road closure turning into Wedlands from Cheddon Road.  We are currently putting together a preloved uniform list which we are hoping we can make ‘live’ very soon where you will be able to purchase good quality second hand logo uniform items for £3.  There is a trade in option where, if you trade in a good quality logo item, you can purchase another for £2.  We will let you know when this is up and running. Please enjoy the day tomorrow as school is not open and we will see you all on Monday 29th November. Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Carly Ellis Posted on: 22/10/2021

A message from Carly Ellis

It is definitely feeling very autumnal now!  I am amazed at how quickly this half term has flown by.   The teachers have, and are, working incredibly hard to make sure that the curriculum is engaging and interesting, building on previous learning and providing first hand experiences.  I do hope that you have a look at the learning that all the classes have been up to and not just your child's class.  Dojo is amazing but I sometimes feel, that as parents, you are missing out on what the whole school is doing as classes post on their class pages.  You get a sense of how much we are developing and how many experiences your child will get as they move through their school career in Priorswood.  We are working hard to develop our curriculum page to reflect this.    As a taster, Stag class were lucky enough to not just learn about the heart using diagrams but they actually had the opportunity to dissect one! An experience that children might not have had until they reach secondary school.  We also had a wolf (not the real thing!) who invaded Badger class and left a path of destruction and Hedgehog class became detectives.  They had to find out what cold and slimy material had covered 'Tim' the class hedgehog by experiencing the touch of lots of materials.  It's all very exciting!  How I would have thrived in this sort of environment at school!    We have been working really hard on our school library.  It is now a space that is used at break and lunchtimes where children can use story sacks, complete quizzes, listen to the adult audio books and read quietly.  Each class has a reading for pleasure time in their classrooms too.  We are nearly at the stage where we will be able to provide you with a link to the audio books so that the children can listen to stories at home.  A story a day would be fantastic!  There is a Reading Challenge that we will be taking part in as the Trust so watch this space for more information about that.   I hope you all have a wonderful half term.  Keep safe, especially on the approach to Halloween!   Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Carly Ellis Posted on: 16/07/2021

A message from Carly Ellis

A message from Carly Ellis I cannot believe how quickly this half term has blown by.  It feels like I have never been away!  I hope that the next academic year has less challenges than we faced this year.  I would like to extend a thank you to Mrs Lancey and the whole Priorswood school community for the support you all gave during such a testing year.  I would like to thank Mrs Lancey for driving my vision for the school forward in my absence and for continuing to build on the progress in the previous year, despite all the obstacles along the way.    The visits we have had from the CEO, Deputy CEO and Paul Jones (an external reviewer) and many others who have visited throughout this term have all commented very positively about the school.  They have been impressed with how well the children settle to their learning and the experiences and activities that the children are being given.  Some of the experiences have made it into the local newspaper!  They also commented positively on the quality of the learning seen in class and in the children’s books.  A recent visitor (who had come to visit the kitchen) praised the school saying that she felt really welcomed and wanted to come back!  She said that the school is really calm and recognised how lucky we are to have all the outside space.    Although we have still had many restrictions in place we have managed to get a few trips in.  Stag class did a Dawn to Dusk day at Magdalen Farm, there has been a trip to French Weir and Otter Class did a trip to the County Museum to find out more about the Anglo Saxons.  The Year 6's took part in a Sports Festival run by SASP at Wellsprings Leisure Centre and are looking forward to their trip to Crealy next week too!   We have been lucky to be involved in a project called Priorswood Pollinators.  Children mapped the school grounds looking for areas that encouraged pollinating species.  They also identified areas that were poor and have now planted these areas with a range of plants including herbs, lavender and apple trees.  Part of the project involved our Year 6's working with a filmmaker to film the project.   We have a few changes in staff next year which were mentioned in more detail in the class structure letter that went home.  We are looking forward to welcoming Miss Ashleigh Thompson and Miss Katy Collard to the team.  I’m really looking forward to next year and I hope that you all have a wonderful summer holiday!  See you in September! Good Luck Year 6!  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
A message from Caroline Lancey Posted on: 28/05/2021

A message from Caroline Lancey

A message from Caroline Lancey Dear All, Well May has been more than a little cold and wet.   Who would have believed that at the same time last year during the first lockdown we could sit out in the sun!!!  As always it has been a busy month.  We have had visitors via zoom talking to the children about their jobs connected with science; a photographer in for Years 2, 6 and Reception,  we have had two reviews; one for the curriculum and one for the school, after school clubs have started carefully and we have had an action packed Health Week. Thank you so much for all the supportive comments we have had about the school review which was carried out by a trained OFSTED inspector.  The highlights were: This is a good school. It provides a calm, purposeful, organised learning environment for pupils to learn and grow. The school Team is fully aligned to the vision for teaching and learning and they talk positively and passionately about the vison for what the school should provide for pupils and families.  Well done, the school is on an exciting journey. The foundations are well in place for the next phase of the school’s improvement. Your hard work and dedicated professionalism is ensuring that Priorswood will become a very good school. The curriculum review also went really well, with the reviewer, Nick Hinds, saying the curriculum is ambitious and enriching. The school has been on a tremendous journey.  I remember talking during the Christmas Carol service just before Mrs Ellis joined us.  I said then that I felt like the school had trekked through the foothills of the Himalayas and were now at Everest base camp.  We are now at camp 2 which is half way up the mountain, we can see the summit but it will be hard work to get there.  I have every confidence that we will get there, we are on the up and up. Despite a horrible start to the week; weather-wise; we have had a great week.  The children have had a lot of opportunities to try sports that they wouldn’t normally.  I hope that they have enjoyed the balance of sporting activity and mental well-being sessions.  A big Thank you to Mrs Cullen who has spent hours organising all the different groups and making sure that all the classes get to do all the activities. I hope some of you have managed to get to Lyngford Park to make use of the Grass maze.  Otter class have visited as part of their local study.  I am sure you have noticed the improvements that have slowly been happening to the grounds of the school.  Mrs Collins always goes above and beyond but she has been helped by workers from the Community Payback service who have been painting, litter picking and gardening for us. We are looking forward to the return of Mrs Ellis after the birth of her son.  She will be back with us from the 7th June.    Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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