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Forest School and PE

Friday 22nd October 2021

We have had a fantastic half term with the children’s PE clubs running well, our aim is to expose children to a range of sports and clubs are a really good way of doing this. We have Football club for children who have up and coming football tournaments in the next half term (watch this space) and some alternative clubs for KS2 including Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee. It is our aim this year to get children involved in physical activity and we feel offering unique experiences will provide children with an opportunity to enjoy a sport they may not get elsewhere and hopefully find a new passion (as I did when I was exposed to competitive Tug of War).

In PE this half term we have had a range of opportunities already. Your children performed extremely well in the Golden Mile assessment with stamina increasing across all year groups. A fantastic effort well done to all. We have had a Tag Rugby taster day which I know was very tiring for a lot of children (especially after Magdalen farm) but the children once again shone, so much so that they want to come in again which is a credit to your children. Stag Class took part in a multisport invasion competition at Wellsprings where they took part in 5 different sports including; Tag Rugby, Netball, football, Ultimate Frisbee and Handball and did a fantastic job coming in 3rd place. Overall, in PE your children are thriving this half term and I cannot wait to see what next half term brings.

In Forest School our focus for the term has been resilience and independence the children have already had lots of opportunities to develop these skills. They have been tasked with building shelters, taking considered risk and exploring the outdoors. Some have chosen to learn about pulley systems by exploring our new buckets and collecting water. Most have enjoyed toasting marshmallows and increasing their fire work skills. Stag class have got creative this half term and done fantastic work with Mrs White. Furthermore, lots of them are working together more naturally during the sessions and communicating ideas to each other better than before. I am really proud of all the learning and work they are doing, Keep it up!


Friday 24th September 2021

We have had a great start to the half term. Key Stage 2 have been working on their Tag Rugby skills including passing, defending and holding the ball. Key Stage 1 have been working on sending and returning using kicking, throwing and rolling. We are really lucky to have a sports coaching day on Wednesday  27th September where all classes will  have an hours session each—look out for photos on Dojo!

We have been really fortunate with the weather so far and long may it continue. The children have remembered the rules well and have enjoyed exploring the area again, We have even gotten to toast some marshmallows which is always a favourite for the children. We are looking forward to developing resilience and independence this term throughout our sessions.




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