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Attendance FAQs

What is meant by a session?  

A school day is made up of two sessions, the morning session and the afternoon session. As an example, 5 schools days equates to 10 sessions.

How may I report my child as unwell? 

Please contact the school office and either leave a message on the dedicated answer machine (prior to the school day) or you may speak to the receptionist during the school day.

I have received a letter, or been invited into school, about attendance. Should I be worried? 

No. As advised above, any communication of this kind received from the school is intended to keep you updated with your child's attendance level and, where there appears to be an increase in absences, to see what we can do to help you and your child to ensure they are coming into school regularly.  We ask that parents do their best to work with us so that any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible without the need to make referrals to the EWS.

My child does not want to come to school. What should I do? 

Parents/carers have a duty to ensure that their child of statutory school age is receiving an appropriate education. If your child is not wishing to come to school then we need to know so that we can look into the reason(s) for this and work out what we can do to help.


For any other questions, please contact the school or refer to our Attendance Policy.

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