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Thursday 26th May 2022

We have had a busy but successful half term in Stag Class, with trips, SATs week and Health Week, the children have persevered fantastically and have achieved some great things.

In Maths, Year 5 have learnt all about angles. They have looked at the four different types of angles and how these can be identified; they picked this up really well and were able to use this knowledge as the topic progressed. The children then moved onto using a protractor to accurately measure and draw angles, this took a great deal of practice, but they have mastered this well!

Year 6 have had a more challenging half term, with preparing and completing their SATs. However, they have shown great resilience and I am extremely proud of them! Since their SATs they have been looking at aspects of Maths that they will need ready for Year 7, along with a range of problem solving sessions, which has allowed them to recap on all strategies that they have learnt throughout the year. 

In English, we have been looking at our new fiction text ‘The Lion and the Unicorn,’ this text connects to our curriculum topic, which has allowed the children to gather more in depth knowledge around the topic. This has really helped to develop their imagination, which is great! The children have used skills that they have previously learnt, as well as new skills to produce some fantastic pieces of writing, such as setting descriptions, character descriptions and diary entries.

During curriculum, we have moved onto our new topic, ‘Britain at War,’ the children have become engrossed in the topic and seem to show a great interest in it! Their interest has allowed them to gather lots of brilliant information about both World War 1 and World War 2 and they have produced some fantastic pieces of work. In addition to this, the Year 5 children recently took part in a trip to the Rural Life museum, where they experienced what life was like for children who were evacuated and what it meant to have to ration. Year 6 also has similar experiences and developed the same level of knowledge during our workshop day in school.

Overall, what a brilliant half term, I hope you all have a very relaxing week off and I look forward to welcoming the children back for their final half term of the year!

Friday 25th March 2022

What a fantastic half term Stag Class has had, I am very impressed with what we have achieved.

In Maths, Year 5 have looked at converting between measurements and have begun using what they have learnt to find the perimeter of different shapes. They have now started to look at fractions, specifically converting between mixed fractions, improper fractions and adding fractions that have different denominators. The children have mastered this. Year 6 have been looking at finding percentages of an amount and have now started to look at converting and finding measurements, including time. They are really getting the hang of this, which is great!

In English, we have started looking at our new fiction book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. The children have loved looking at this, as it has connected really well with what they have looked at in Geography and were even more excited to discover that the ship used in the expedition (Endurance) has been located after 107 years! The children have used skills that they have previously learnt, as well as new skills to produce some fantastic pieces of writing! Their writing is improving by the day, which is fantastic!

During our Curriculum, we have moved onto our first Art topic of the half term. So far, the children have been looking at lots of environmental artists, identifying the work that has been produced, as well as the materials that are used to create them. The children have produced lots of lovely work already! The children will be looking at creating their own work in the next couple of weeks, using many recycled materials.

The children have continued to look at Electricity in Science each week and, this week, were conducting an experiment, looking at what would happen to the brightness of a lightbulb if the voltage increases. They have really enjoyed looking at this! In addition to this the children are extremely excited about our new ICT topic, where they have started to look at how to create Stop Motion Animations using playdough. They have grasped this really well and have produced some fantastic videos.


Friday 21st January 2022

The children have come back after the Christmas break motivated and ready to learn, which is fantastic!

In Maths, in Year 5 we have started to look at our new Multiplication and Division topic and have been looking at the range of ways we can complete Multiplication calculations and have discovered some easier ways to complete specific calculations. The children have made great progress! In Year 6, we have recently looked at 3D shapes, describing and classifying them and then looking at drawing out accurate nets for a range of shapes. Although some of the children found this challenging they have continued to be resilient, which is brilliant! We have now moved on to looking at how we do calculations that contain all four operations (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction),

In English, we have started to look at our new book for this term ‘Where Snow Angels Go.’ The children are really enjoying this book and are producing some amazing writing relating to it. We have looked at a range of English techniques and have been exposed to lots of great writing opportunities, such as diary entries, letters and play scripts. The children are consistently using the skills that we have learnt so far this year and are continuing to impress me!  

During our Curriculum sessions this half term our main driver is Geography and the name of our topic is ‘Frozen Kingdoms’ We have been looking at the globe and trying to identify the features of it. We have looked in detail at the polar regions and have compared the climates in both. The children are really enjoying this topic and are gathering even more information during Guided Reading sessions, as all of our texts also relate to our main topic.

The children are also enjoying their new Science topic ‘Electricity’ where we have explored the components of an electrical circuit and have identified what each component does. The children are really looking forward to creating their own circuits in the coming weeks. 


Friday 17th December 2021

What a great end to the first term in Stag Class!

The children have enjoyed lots of Christmas activities this week to finish of a great half term. They have enjoyed making Christmas themed cakes and Christmas cards, which we hope you have enjoyed too. The children also loved the performance company who performed ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

In Maths, in Year 5, we have started to look at our first Multiplication and Division unit, where we have looked at identifying prime and composite numbers. The children have picked this up really well and are now able to use strategies to identify them. In Year 6, we have continued to look at our Geometry unit and have looked at finding missing angles around a point, on a straight line and in a number of different shapes. The children have finally got the hang of this, which is great!

In English, we have been using what we already have learnt during our Maafa topic. We have gathered our knowledge of the impact that the slave trade had on enslaved people and have planned and written a persuasive letter to abolish slavery.

During our Curriculum sessions this half term we have finished off our Maafa topic and have learnt lots more about slavery. We then moved onto looking at Art and Design and looked at a range of black artists and their work The children created mood boards and compared two specific pieces.

It has been a great first half term and I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Thursday 25th November 2021

We have continued to have a great half term in Stag class.

In Maths, in Year 5 the children have been looking at Geometry and looked at the different types of nets that can be used to make a range of 3D shapes, the children enjoyed this topic and were able to discuss the properties of each shape to work out which nets would be suitable. We have now moved onto looking at addition and subtractions, using both mental and written methods, the children are beginning to recognise when each technique should be used. The Year 6 children have been looking at fractions and have recently looked at converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. This was tricky to begin with but with a little more practice they have started to understand it a lot more.

In English, we started our new book ‘Freedom,’ the children have enjoyed looking at this book and have gathered a lot of information from it. They have been able to use what they know to look deeper into the story, as this book is related to our Curriculum topic. We have looked at the different characters and have practiced some great English techniques to use when we write an alternative version to Chapter 5. 

During our Curriculum sessions this half term we have continued to look into our topic ‘Maafa’, which is all about the enslavement of African people. The children have looked at a range of different aspects of this topic, including the Triangular Slave Trade, the life and conditions on an African plantation and the Benefits of enslavement for Britain. They have been able to produce some fantastic information pages explaining what they have learnt.

What a brilliant start to the new half term. Let’s keep up the good work! 



Friday 22nd October 2021

The children have continued to work really hard during the remaining part of this half term and have produced some fantastic work. They have achieved some great things and it is clear that they are now in need of a well-earned rest.

In Maths, we completed our Place Value unit, in both Year 5 and Year 6, we then moved onto looking at decimals. The Year 5 children have looked at comparing, ordering and rounding decimal numbers with different numbers of decimal places. They picked this up really well, which is fantastic! In Year 6 we have been looking at our Multiplication and Division topic, where the children were refreshed on how to use the formal written methods to complete a range of different multiplication and division questions. This has taken a lot of practice and brain power, but I think they have finally cracked it!

In English we have continued to look at our focus text ‘Clockwork,’ we have analysed the characters and looked at the story in great detail. Using what we have read we completed a character description about one of the main characters and moved onto looking at diary writing. We wrote our own diaries from one of the characters points of view. Finally, to end this we planned and wrote an alternative version of the story. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and their writing ability is improving constantly.  

During our curriculum sessions this week we have started to look at our Science unit, which is all about ‘Animals including Humans’. So far the children have looked at the key components of our blood. We made some very yummy ‘blood smoothies,’ using ingredients that clearly resembled the specific components and their quantities. The children loved this! We then looked at the heart, labelling it and looking at the way that blood flows through the heart. The children are very excited to see what the inside of our heart looks like in real life!

What a brilliant first half term in Stag class. I hope that yourselves and the children have a well-earned rest over the half term break and the children return refreshed!


What an afternoon we had today! We looked at the hearts circulatory system and finally dissected our heart! I hope the children enjoyed this activity, I know I did.




Friday 24th September 2021

We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks in Stag class and the children have settled in really well. I am already very impressed with what the children have achieved.

In Maths so far, we have started to look at Place Value and the children have been refreshing their knowledge of the value of specific digits, as well as how to write numbers in both words and in digits. The children have done really well and they have picked it up fabulously!  The children are already making connections between what they already know and the new concepts they are learning which is great. Year 6 have now started to look at negative numbers and moving between positive and negative numbers. Year 5 have looked in detail at 5 digit numbers and are now looking at ordering, comparing and identifying the value of the digits in 6 digit numbers, they have really grasped this, which will give them the foundations for more complex aspects of Maths. As usual please continue to support your child at home, encouraging them to practice their times tables, as this will make further learning much easier. We are also practicing these in the classroom and they are getting much quicker at recalling them!

In English so far, we have been looking closely at our class animal (Stag). First we looked at gathering lots of information about a Stag, using a range of useful sources. The children looked into a Stags appearance, habitat, diet and characteristics. They then used this knowledge to construct a detailed non-chronological report, these turned out fantastically! The children also looked for additional fun facts to make their reports even more exciting! We have now begun to look at our new focus text ‘Clockwork’, by Phillip Pullman, which we have started to pick apart. The children are enjoying this story so far and are getting really interested in what may happen next. Our aim for this is to allow the children to write an alternative ending for the story using a range of techniques. 

During our curriculum sessions we have also been looking into our class animal. We started by looking at a Stags food chain and what may be included in this. We looked at what may be the producer, the consumer and the decomposer. The children enjoyed this activity and were able to recall the food chain and draw in detail. We also took part in some art based activities. The children carefully followed a step by step guide on how to draw a Stag, these were amazing! They then designed their own habitat for a Stag and drew a picture to represent these!  We have decided that we will display these on our classroom door to show off our amazing artwork.

What a brilliant first couple of weeks in Stag class. The children are very excited about their upcoming trip to Pinkery and we hope that they enjoy all of the activities they will take part in! I’m sure there will be lots of photos to show once we have returned.



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