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Don't just take our word for it, here are some of the lovely things people have said about Priorswood Primary School....

"What a fantastic school! Really welcome from start to finish. Lovely, lovely students and staff, and an abundance of creativity. Thanks everyone ." Selina, Somerset Youth Theatre CIC

"We were very impressed with how well behaved the children were, how well they listened, participated and took on board the important messages we were sharing about the dangers on building sites." Engagement Lead (North Taunton) & North Taunton One Team Coordinator

"Great community ethic, approachable and polite staff, great website and Facebook page. Lovely school and I am so happy I made the choice to move my son here this school term!"

"I am grateful for the brilliant teaching my child has received, he has come on leaps and bounds in his reading and writing skills. The school has been very welcoming and friendly and he particulary enjoyed forest school. The SENCO has also been amazing and I wanted to say what a brilliant school you are." 

"To all the staff at Priorswood, I can't thank you all enough for what you have done for (child). You have all gone above and beyond, I just wish all schools had teachers like you, every kid deserves what (child) had"

"You have a lovely school, and the children were engaging and interested" - National Rail assembly speaker

"I am writing on behalf of the Trustees of North Taunton Partnership to express our thanks and congratulations for all that up and your staff have done to support children and families in the North Taunton area." NTP

"Thank you so much for taking care, teaching and giving my children such good memories of primary school."

"The pupils of Badger Class worked so hard to create their paper cut out badgers. They were polite and helpfula and made some really excellent suggestions which helped us all to create such amazing artworks. I was especially impressed by how positive and kind they were to each other and how patiently they waited their turn to work with me." Somerset Art Works 

"I wanted to send a personal message of thanks to all of you for the outstanding work you have done on the past seven months, the examples of teamwork, innovation, adaptability and unending care you have shown to the children and to your colleagues have been nothing short of heroic." Wendy Duffield, TRLP Trustee 

"We just wanted to thank you all so much for making (child) feel so welcome at your school. He hasn't had the easiest few years but you have supported him and he has flourished since being at Priorswood. We really wish he had longer with you all."

"I would like to thank everybody because of you made him love learning, reading, writing, sport, forest school..he loves everything you do at this school...he will never forget."

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! My child said you were the best teacher ever!"

"My child was overjoyed you dropped his lunch off today Mrs Hartland. He was waving out of the window. He was happy to see his friend!"

"Thank you to all the lovely staff and pupils for being so fantastic for their flu immunisations. We have been so impressed with the excellent behaviour displayed by all pupils." Somerset SAINT 

Over both workshop days the pupils had great interest in learning about life on the home front and the impact that evacuation had on children during WW2.  They shared with me knowledge from their studies back at school and asked really interesting, thoughtful questions illustrating they wanted to deepen their understanding of the experiences of children during WW2. Sandy, Somerset Museum of Rural Life.





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