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History Curriculum


At Priorswood Primary School, we treat each child as an individual, helping them to develop into courageous citizens who are able to communicate and collaborate well. . We also have ambitious expectations of our pupils academically and strive to help them achieve in all areas.  We accomplish this by providing a curriculum that achieves excellence through inspiring curiosity and developing passion and talents.


At Priorswood Primary School, History is an integral part of our 2 year rolling programme of Curriculum planning. We use the 2014 National Curriculum as a basis for our planning, to ensure children develop a good overview of the subject. Where appropriate, links are made to other areas of the curriculum. At times, History is the main driver of our the curriculum we follow at Priorswood. Key ideas and skills are taught at an age appropriate level and the design of the curriculum means that pupils will revisit them again with increasing sophistication. Pupils’ knowledge and skills build over time so connections can be made. Children will be inspired to record their work in a variety of different ways using learning journals. Group work will also be presented in the class floor book.

As part of the planning process, teachers plan the following: A knowledge organiser which outlines knowledge (including vocabulary) all children must master; A cycle of lessons for each area of history, which carefully plans for progression and depth; Work that provides challenge for all pupils to apply their learning; Trips and visiting experts who will enhance the learning experience whenever possible.


Our History Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. The impact of our History curriculum at Priorswood Primary School is seen in a number of ways. If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress. In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum.

through the following methods:

  • Learning walks undertaken by the History lead and the school curriculum lead.
  • Lesson observations.
  • Book scrutinies carried out by the History Lead and members of the school SLT.
  • Discussions with children.
History Date  
History Skills Progression 24th Nov 2021 Download

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