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MFL Curriculum

At Priorswood, we feel that Modern Languages is a very  important part of the curriculum; not only do we look at the Spanish language but we also consider the culture and traditions of Spanish speaking countries.

Learning transactional language is at the heart of what we do in conjunction with the acquisition of subject specific language.  We place emphasis on the phonetic pronunciation of new vocabulary and incorporate this into fun, engaging and practical activities where the children are putting their skills into practice.

The children participate in activities such as singing Spanish songs to practise their new skills, write Spanish passports and make family trees.  To broaden our experience of Spanish and Spanish culture, we have developed an exchange with a Spanish school in Granada where we link virtually to their school and the children speak to each other with work that they have prepared.  This is a great experience for everyone; one which the children enjoy and gain huge amounts of confidence from.

We also look at Spanish speaking countries to develop our knowledge of how widely the language is spoken and the breadth of culture that accompanies the language.  We incorporate cross curricular links when looking at these countries including culture, food and geography.


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